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December 06, 2005


Justin R

Strother wrote: "Do not misplace brain."

In my experience, this one never makes the to do list. Last week, I finished contract negotiations I have been working on for the last several months. In order to meet the deadline, I worked until midnight monday, 1 a.m. tuesday, 4 a.m. wednesday, and 2 a.m. thursday..... Elsa, who is now nearly 11 months, woke me up at 6 on each of these days. Add holiday shopping to the mix and you begin to see the extent of the problem.

I am sorry, but in all this, "Do not misplace brain" never made my list.

Funny that all the bad things I did in my irresponsible youth seem hardly as bad for me as the things I do to myself now that I am a parent trying to provide for a family.


I keep meaning to put "Do not misplace brain" on my list but I keep forgetting/don't have time to make the list. Having the brain might help in getting the list written.

But I do agree with Justin. The things we are willing to do as parents make some of those "youthful statements" seem almost trite.

(Hey Justin, congratualtions on Elsa!)

Molly & Paul

Strother, Jeanette, Josephine and Isaac,

We hope you arrived safely and are settling in well. Happy New Year!

Molly & Paul

Kelly & Tim

Hi Purdy's
Just checking for word of your arrival.

I had anticipated that your depature would not be easy for those of us feeling your absence. August woke up Thursday the 29th and in a sleepy, automatic way asked "Can we go ice skating with Isaac and Josepine today." I smiled and watched as he took a deep sigh and realized the answer to his question.

We hope your travels were safe and as easy as possible. Hugs and kisses to you all!

Kelly, Tim, Anzu & Auggie

PS...isn't missing brain syndrom a normal side effect of parenting?

Justin R

Hi Alexandra! Hope you are well, and thanks.

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