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January 03, 2006


Justin R

No surprise that it has been referred to as "one of our adventure holidays".

Hope you catch the reference.


Meg and Tony

We're so glad to hear that you've all arrived safely; what a breathtakingly beautiful place you've described. Be well and blog when you can -- and happy new year!
Meg and Tony

Andy Mera

Excellent! Glad you all arrived safely. Looking forward to the next chapter...


P.S. And Happy New Year.

Debbie Froggatt

Alan and I are so glad you all arrived safely. Your words send us to Kodai in spirit. Please know that you remain in our prayers.


Debbie & Alan

P.S. Looks like Clare may be in Mumbai in May!

Andy Engel

Glad to hear you're there and well. Jeanette and the kids are well, right? Keep posting - It's most interesting to vicariously experience India.

Andy and Pat


Hey!! So glad to hear thatyou are safe and sound. All sounds beautiful. Be well.

Diane, Mitch, Taylor and Spencer

What a view! So good to see pics of everyone. Favorite one is of the rooted stairway up the mountain.
Dragon eyes is well Josephine. Everyone at school got your letter and photos and your classmates enjoyed them a lot!
Your desk is still there.
Stay well everyone.
Strother, get earplugs.

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