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February 22, 2006


Eun Sung Park

Sounds like everyone is doing great. I miss going camping and swimming in the mountains. Am thoroughly enjoying your entries.....Not much seems to have changed, thankfully!

eun sung

Andy Engel

And how would you know about swimming in Roxbury Falls? Was there an illegal border crossing from Bridgewater?

Keep having fun, and keep up the postings. Half of Litchfield County counts on them now.


Justin R


1. Both the Nashua (NH) and the Ohio rivers have previously caught fire. The Chicago also caught fire in 1871 but that was due to the epic Chicago fire, whereas the Nashua and Ohio caught fire on their own accord (I believe).

2. I faced a similar controversy in Kenya. In addition to pollution there was the issue of maschistosomiasis (something like that) -- which is a snail parasite that enters through your ear and eats your brain. Another issue was the nile crocodiles. They are large and hard to see in that muddy brown water.

I did overcome my fears, however, in the jungle on Kilimanjaro. It was well worth it. I found a side trail up the mountain on what i thought was an unused path. There was a small cascade covered in moss and tropical plants. There was nobody in sight. The jungle was so dark I tried to take pictures but even with the apeture all the way open it was DARK. What the heck, "I'll go in" I said. I disrobed, scrambled to the base of the waterfall and splashed about, loving every minute of it. It was a truly religious experience until I suddenly realized that I was being watched. Apparently, the guides noticed my disappearance and had sent out a search party for me. It was pretty fun, and I was glad I did it in the end.



its a parotha not a brata. i like your blogs!

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