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April 06, 2006



A couple of comments on a great article.

1). If the Enfield kicks back when starting at more than 1/4 throttle (far more than is needed to start it) then the timing is too advanced. Retard the timing. It will also idle more smoothly (you will have to turn the idle adjustment up after you retard the ignition to get the same idle speed) and low down torque will be more pronounced - it will be far harder to stall at low revs.

2). Get top dead centre using the ammeter and decompression lever, and then leave the lever and throttle well alone until after the bike fires on the choke.

3). If the gears are crunchy, make sure the clutch is completely engaging by taking out all the slack in the cable.

I have a 1965 Enfield imported from India many moons ago, updated with the electronic ignition off the 535 and a few other bits. I use it every day in the UK. Bits have fallen off (your exhaust silencer will be next!) but they are easy to bolt or weld in some cases back on again.

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