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January 12, 2007


Andy Engel

Oh, if only Paul Theroux were as pleasantly introspective as you! He'd be interesting and delightful, instead of the whiny, arrogant prick he seems to be. What is wrong with blogging the exotic that has become your commonplace? Bring it on.

As to making people angry, well, that's the price of admission to life. The problem is theirs, not yours. Unless they're armed and nearby.



Meg and Tony

Remember, we have a SWAT team of mutant puppies here in Jersey ready to take out our enemies. Consider them at your service.

Seriously -- the travel narratives are terrific fun. Everything else that you want to write about -- well, write about it; just don't publish it (yet).


dear me. i read this with trepidation.

it was in Vermont, however. People still tell me to be quiet, although usually for better reasons.


Great info, thanks a lot!!! I wish I will have such a writing skills.

bryan plymale

just found this little gem of a blog... "The further we separate ourselves from our habitat, the more concerned we become about preserving it." ironic, ain't it?! and on some levels this is true, and not necessarily a bad thing. certainly sad... at some point we won't have to be concerned.

yet, still loving life in the rich feeding ground source of humor. Bryan

ps hippies have rights and feelings too!


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