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May 28, 2007




These leeches sound almost sentient. For some reason I had stuck in my mind a vision of mindless worms in murky brown waters that wandered aimlessly until they happened upon flesh. But these leeches sound capable of thought, movement (inchworm), strategy (sitting up looking around). Perhaps they are even capable of group behaviour. Do you think a single leech could show itself to force hikers into a thicket where others lie in waiting (aka a kill zone)? Do you think that the leeches peforming on your friends hands were just decoys, entertaining you while others snuck in from behind?

I'm alarmed. Even though I'm thousands of miles away, it's only a matter of time before leeches this clever learn how to board aircraft and start spreading across our continent. I just hope I'm long gone before that day comes.



I'm more scared of Ashok than I am of the leeches. All the same, I'd trade you our deer ticks for your leeches. i think. Well maybe not.

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