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January 09, 2008


kristen skedgell

I love the way you tell your story but ouch, that infection must have REALLY hurt. Glad you have grown into the master craftsman that you are and hope you don't have to use P.D. too often.

You're an excellent writer. I can't wait to read your book! kristen

Strother Purdy

Well, I;ve never commented on my work. Time to try it. What a loonie I am, writing about wood, perhaps even condoning the cutting down of trees. What next?


Dear Mr Purdy, I am a student from kodi who you have taught for the past year and a half. I never really thought about you as a person or a teacher until you were gone.

Now I realise what a great person you really were and terribly miss my old english classes with you. I have never made a proper effort in your class before but regret it now.

I really found your story fascinating for some reason that i just cant quite put my finger on.

The reason im rambling on and on is beacuse i want to tell you that i have admired you from afar and have been really inspired by some of the commonplace things you have done, be it while teaching woodworking or english, I want you to know that i respect you.

Perhaps we shall meet at graduation, or in another life, and until then, goodbye.

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