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February 08, 2011


Christopher Braunholz

I must admit first of all, when I saw your post on facebook, I had no clue however a report on woodworking could be interesting at all nowadays and that's the reason why I tried reading.
I actually like the way you put your work and all the more like the way you express yourself. Keep on.

Best regards from a rude German student.


Hello Christopher (or dear old rude student, though I know you're not rude at all),

Good to hear from you and glad you find something of interest in my woodworking blog--why don't you take up the hobby? The world needs more woodworkers of grace and intelligence. I promise not to surprise you with any grades of any kind.
All the best,

Christopher Braunholz

There are too many things this world offers and too little time I got each day. Sports in many varieties is one including fixing my bikes, uni is another part eating too much time. Apart from that daily life also claims hundreds of hours a year.
So first of all I keep on observing which also is not graded as far as I am informed.
Thanks anyway for your advice.

Kind regards, Christopher

JD Eveland

I have also just discovered your blog here, during the course of a search for the term "Mondaugen" (the reason for which being much more complicated than warrants explanation -- suffice it to say that I am trying to extend Mondaugen's Law under the proposition that while the future is immutable, it is eminently possible to change the past, since it has no real existence.) At any rate, I am currently engaged in recaning a rocking chair much like that in your picture -- a family piece last recaned by my father and me somewhere in the mid-70's.) I am an aspirant woodworker, lacking only talent, dedication, judgment, and hand-eye coordination; on the other hand, I do have a number of tools (well, actually, far too many -- I am, among other things, a formulator of theories on technology.) At any rate, I do appreciate your dedication to the material, as well as to Mondaugen. May the Great Fabricator bless your constructions and entropic reversals!



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