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December 24, 2019


Peter R Stark

most of this could be washed with a bit of bleach and describe almost any movie being made these days (or in the last three decades.) it's not jsut ad astra. it could be the most absurd watchmen (which has almost a negative involvement with the comic book). really, anything. movies are made for anyone willing to watch. there is rarely a desire to make art, i think. making a buck, though, is smart. look at the blumhouse horrors. he even says he'll invest in crap because crap sells. he's super rich! are you surprised that ad astra is any different? would you compare it to "game of thrones?" or, let's go back "full metal jacket"? they both are full of slutty positions to get us to watch. they are full of fallacies and magical slights to keep us entertained.


Of course Hollywood movies are all sluts. They are refined marketing tools designed to extract $ from pockets as efficiently as possible, manufactured by investment management teams who comb through every line, image and product placemet for its marketability. Much like music, we have to go waaaay back to find producers taking a chance on the vision of a director. Kubrick's last 2-3 movies were pranks on the industry, as he was one of the few who still had independence and knew what to do with it. James Cameron might have "independence", but largely because he is an investment management team-in-one.
Cynical, yes, and spots of humanity occasionally (accidentally?) shine through in Hollywood movies.
But for exercises in sustained accidental ironies heaped on ironies? Does Ad Astra have much competition? In Watchmen, I see amateur-grade highjacked intent, let's give this alternate-universe scenario a softer, more appealing message. No?

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